What are the best fast foods people are making

Food statistics indicate the nation is searching for recipes online more than ever. And one mission people have taken on with relish is to recreate dishes from their favourite, temporarily closed, chains and proudly showcase them.

This has been made easier by a few fast food joints sharing recipes for some of their most coveted meals. Outlets including Greggs and even Ikea have been posting previously secret(ish) recipes.

We’re showcasing some of our favourite attempts and finding out people’s tips for taking things to the next level.

Sausage and Egg

Got fans excited when it shared the recipe for its breakfast staple, the Sausage and Egg. Now you can make it at home – even though some outlets are reopening. You might have already worked out the ingredients: an egg, sausage meat, a slice of American cheese and you guessed it, an English muffin.

On our completely made up ‘make ability’ scale, this gets a solid nine out of ten. If you don’t have all the ingredients, simply swap some out. Helen Orr Keery didn’t have English muffins, so went for a bap for the one she posted. But if you don’t have eggs, you’re probably not making this.

Season the sausage meat with salt and pepper, then shape it into a ball, flatten it into a patty shape and grill for several minutes on each side, until cooked. To achieve a perfectly round egg shape, use an egg pan or crack into an oiled round metal cookie cutter and fry until cooked. Layer everything up in your muffin. Take your breakfast up a level by making your own hash browns.

Swedish meatballs

The Swedish meatball recipe was released in the most Ikea way possible. The image shared on looks incredibly like the furniture assembly instructions you get with a purchase. All that’s missing is an allen key and we’re half expecting to have some screws left over at the end.

Swedish meatballs are a simple combination of pork and beef mince, breadcrumbs, onion, garlic and milk (though when sold at Ikea stores they contain unsweetened rusk flour, and that’s not the most accessible ingredient). You’ll find a Swedish meatball recipe Food too. Level up your meatballs and cream sauce with delectable swede mash (pun totally intended).

Pizza Express gets candid about dough

Pizza dough has been among the most popular recipes on Food in the last few weeks, so it’s no surprise the release of recipes, including the dough balls, has been popular. Many fans have been showcasing their efforts. We adore Liv’s wild garlic version of the recipe, which she also shared.

If you’re making straight-up pizza, we have tonnes of recipes for you, including a winning no yeast pizza. Dough balls are literally golf-ball-sized balls of pizza dough baked at a high temperature. Dip them in garlic butter (made by mixing crushed garlic with softened salted butter). It really is that easy.

Fried chicken

It isn’t on the list of outlets publishing recipes, and perhaps that’s down to its famously secret spices or because it has already re-opened select stores. This hasn’t stopped fans recreating their favourite crispy fried chicken at home though.